Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thoughts of trains....

While waiting for the last local back home at a half past eleven. Having a not-so-great cam does have its advantages - you get dreamy, wispy, stud images that look right out of an Edward Hopper painting.

From a local train door, earlier in the day. The places perhaps will never be written about. Suffice to say they're approximately 42km from home.


Samanth said...

Dude - Edward Hopper's paintings were never hazy and wispy. His lines were always very clear cut. He got his effects from sharp contrasts of colour.

Shamanth said...

Samanth, I wasnt referring to the stylistic aspects. What I intended to say was that the general atmosphere looks so very like within one of his paintings - a place that you'd expect to be bustling with people seen shorn of the throng that you think is its primary characteristic. Places being left alone, all by themselves, which, at least to me were among Hopper's primary motifs.

Yes, the hazy lights make it look un-Hopper-y, but they also make it look so very different from what you expect it to be, and makes you long for return to such a state, where only you exist, unencumbered, unfettered. Hopper makes me feel the same way, da.

I quite agree that it doesnt look like a Hopper painting, but it so very much feels like one.

And oh, your first comment here - am flattered, da!

Samanth said...

Ah that way. Yes, all right, got your drift. :-)