Friday, April 21, 2006

Portraits of the driver as a young man - I.

A steed. A maze of untouched, unexplored highways stretching away, inviting you to wade through every one of them, to go on through enormity after enormity of nothingness. There may be temptations that can be resisted, but this definitely isnt one of them. A new cam meant some portions of this ride across nowhere were recorded, at least to the extent that the not-particularly-great resolution of the cam permitted. Here be those sets-of-thousand-words.

That table on which the glass is, it's sub-lime, aint it?

We've come a long way, baby.

Reflections on protective gear.

Some 42km outside town, minutes before sundown, when torn between rushing to town before dark and imbibing some of the Best Sugarcane Juice in The World(TM). Said juice was drunk, darkness caused no harm to befall the driver, since city lights began a short distance after. Said driver did, however, end up with a headache due to the city traffic, whose slow-start-stop jams dont quite drive you ecstatic. Not after a no-worry highway cruise.


Arnold said...

way to go, big guy! i liked the self pic the best! ;)

keerthi said...

Oye! Brilliant pictures, especially like the one with the unkempt hair, totally unlike the Shamanth of yore:)

Anonymous said...

hey Shamanth....did you by any chance visit RNSIT, Bangalore or somewhere nearby ???

Shamanth said...

[Arnold, Keerthi] - You aint seen nothin yet. You ought to see 'grossed out still life with unkempt hair'.:P.

[Anon] - I do kill, but I promise I wont do anything to you, so you may reveal your identity.:). Do we know each other?

To answer your question, yes, I stay(or rather, my parents do) near RNSIT, Bangalore, so have gone around those parts. Was there some 2 weeks ago.

equilibrium said...


I had seen you in UC, next in your blog, and then in the bus stop near our college....

So just wrote in..


Shamanth said...

[Eq] - Ah. Small world, ain't it?

equilibrium said...