Friday, April 21, 2006

Portraits of the driver as a young man - III.

The Re-loins stations. Very neat, very well kept, amazingly spacious and comfortable - with hygienically prepared horrid tasting food - it tasted equally bad in the couple of stations I went to across three states. The perfect places to stop over and take a nap, after you've had lunch elsewhere.

Eh? Why should I give a caption for every pic?

That's un-burn.

The phantom steed.

Still life with unkempt hair.


Abhishek said...

your pic at the end rocks. Nice work ;-)

Pleiades said...

The pic at the end looks like Pee Wee Herman on speed. (Pun intended) :P


Nisheeth said...

The last pic is the only one that justifies the title. The rest of them are 'Portraits BY the artist as a young man'

I envy you .....

Shamanth said...

[Pleiades] - It could've been worse - I could've looked like Pee Wee Narasimha Rao.:-P.